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Invitation to a Reception to Honor Pastor Becci on May 29

Dear Members and Friends of FPC:
I would like to invite you all to a reception after the worship service
this SundaySANYO DIGITAL CAMERA (5/29) to honor and celebrate Pastor Becci’s 6 years of faithful service in our community at First Pres. We wish to express our appreciation for all the ways she has impacted our lives during her time here. Please feel free to bring cards or notes of affirmation and encouragement for her and Mike.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Pastor Eric

Note: At the Congregational Meeting on May 22, the members of FPC sadly voted to end the Associate Pastor position due to finances. As a result, May 29 will be Pastor Becci Curtis-Lillie’s last Sunday with us. We hope everyone can come to a reception honoring Pastor Becci’s service to our congregation after the worship service this coming Sunday in Fellowship Hall.

Potter Update: Part 2

Hi again,,


Thanks so much for your expressions of love and prayer for Jan.  It is so great to be a part of a loving community!  I wanted to update you briefly on developments.


First, the pace of Jan’s recovery has been amazing, helped along no doubt by your prayers.  On Friday, she was still lying down and sleeping for much of the day, but by Saturday, she was starting to move around a bit more, and by Sunday, the swelling and angry red scrapes and bruises had were looking so much better, and she was up and about.  She has also had more work done on her teeth, and the hope is that none of them are permanently damaged.  So all in all, we are amazed at the Lord’s graciousness in protecting Jan from more serious injury, and gratified by the pace of her recovery.  As of today, she has seemed to be back to normal energy levels.


As we were ready to head to the airport this morning, Jan noticed some swelling in her arm that was quickly increasing in intensity.  Fearing a blood clot, we rushed into the ER to have it checked, with one eye on the clock as we were now behind schedule to get to the airport and get checked in.  The less-than-good news was that it was indeed a clot… so a good decision to have her taken in.  However, doctors said that the clot was small, and not serious enough to need significant extra attention… so she was given the go-ahead to proceed with the trip.  Thankfully, we rushed to the airport with just enough time to check in.
However, after all the effort to make sure she was strong, reasonably healthy and ready to head to Japan…
in the end she was not able to board the flight!  It checked in completely full, and with her standby status, she was bumped.  (The Hamiltons, with their new flight privileges, will understand. J)  I on the other hand, with my paid reservation, had no choice but to proceed onto the plane and head off to Tokyo, or lose the full price of an expensive international ticket.  It was heartbreaking to have to head into the jet-way and leave her behind.  Fortunately, Brent is presently in Denver and was the one who dropped us off at the airport (and has our car!), so we both trusted she would be in good hands with him, that he would come back to pick her up and make sure she was taken home and had everything she needed.  (I am presently on the plane, so will look forward myself to finding out how things have gone.)  The next “good” day for her to try to board the flight again is Friday, so she will definitely try again then.  In the meantime, we know the Lord is in charge of all of our appointments, and we will know better later why she is not on her way with me today.  Perhaps the need for more rest?


In the meantime, we continue to appreciate your prayers for all that is going on: for Jan and her continued healing as well as a seat on a plane in the next day or two, for me with meetings and speaking in Tokyo, and for onward travel to Hong Kong  next week.


Thanks so much ,

Barry (and Jan)

Potter Update: Part 1

Hi Friends,


Wanted to let you all know for your prayers that on Thursday evening while Jan and I were on a bike ride, Jan tumbled off her bike while riding through an intersection and landed face first on the road, causing extensive abrasions to her face, as well as bleeding and swelling.  She also dislodging several teeth (they were at odd angles in her mouth, having been pushed in by the impact), and the braces she is presently wearing tore up some of the flesh inside her mouth.  (Her front tire caught a seam/depression between two sections of concrete on the road, and it basically flipped her off.)  She was unable to get up on her own, so had to be transported to ER by ambulance.  It was quite a scene, with police, ambulance, fire vehicles (about 5 emergency vehicles in all), and lots of people hovering around.  At the hospital they did CAT scans and X-rays and found no broken bones, so that was a huge praise.


Yesterday, her orthodontist worked on her teeth, and it looks like they should all be saved, so that is another big cause for praise.  In the meantime, she is on pain meds and is resting comfortably at home at the moment, sleeping quite a lot.  It could have been so much worse, so we feel very blessed!  In the meantime, her face—especially her mouth and lips—are badly swollen and scraped.  She also had to have some stitches below her nose.


We’re still planning to leave for Asia on Tuesday—she’s determined to go!  But please pray for healing, and for her ability to get on that plane.  (I’ll send this around to our general mailing list as well, but wanted you all to know first, and to pray.)


Thanks so much,

Barry, for Jan

Reminder: Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 22

Just a reminder that there will be a special congregational meeting after worship this Sunday, May 22, in order for members to vote on whether to eliminate the Associate Pastor position for financial reasons. Childcare and Children’s Church will continue through until the end of the meeting. The worship service will be shorter so that we can start the congregational meeting at 11:30 am.
Looking West Firstpresbyterian Churchwide

Be a VBS Volunteer!

The BEST FPC event all year happens June 27-July1st! You can be a part of this amazing ministry, sharing Jesus with
over 160 kids.  Sign up here today! 

Here are some of our needs:

8 Adult Guides (No prep required!  Just love on the kids!)

8 Youth Guides (12-18yrs old)

5 Monday morning Registration helpers (One day commitment!)

1 Elementary “Kid-Vid Cinema” Assistant (Video & Snacks!)

1 Preschool Crafts Assistant (All crafts are prepared for you! Easy!)

1 Preschool Games Assistant (Fun in the sun!)

2 Nursery helpers (You know you love babies,)

2 – 2/3s helpers (The cutest kids at VBS!)
Please pray for an amazing VBS week where little hearts accept Christ, pray for safety, sunny weather, and a room full of volunteers!  Email Julie for more info!

Second Wednesday Potluck this Wednesday, May 11

Join us Wednesday, May 11, from 6:00-7:00 pm for our monthly Wednesday night potluck! Spend an evening sharing stories and fellowship with others in our church. Please bring either soup, salad, entree or dessert to share as well as beverages for your own family. We will supply tables, plates, and cutlery. Because of allergies within our church, please don’t bring anything with nuts and label anything that contains gluten.

FPC Men’s Slow Pitch Baseball Schedule

Come root for the FPC Men’s Slow Pitch Baseball Team at the South End Recreation Area (SERA) fields on Mondays in May and June. Team members include Aaron Byers, Jim Brownlee, Devon Duval, Chad Edinger, Tim Erford, Terry Forslund, Scott Ginnis, Josh Harris, Eric Jacobsen,Scott Juergens, Brad Kilgus, Mike McEvilly, Andrew Pope, Dan Russell, and Brandon Woods. The schedule is:
5/2    7:20 pm (Red field)
5/9    7:20 pm (Red field)
5/16  8:20 pm (Blue field)
5/23  7:20 pm (Blue field)
6/6   7:20 pm (Blue field)
6/13  6:10 pm (Red field)
6/20 7:20 pm (Red field)
SERA is at 6002 S. Adams Street, Tacoma.

Adult Sunday School Classes Room Change

Starting this Sunday, the Intentional Parenting class will be meeting in the Gold Room in the South building, and the Sermon on the Mount class will be meeting in Middleton. Both begin at 9:15 am.

Bible Memory Banquet on May 15

Bible Memory will be celebrating the achievements of all the incredible memorizers with a potluck banquet on Sunday, May 15 in South Chapel at Noon. Come to the Bible Memory Table in Fellowship Hall to RSVP. Questions? Contact Sonja West.
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