FPC News and Announcements

Dont forget to bring your Stewardship Offering this Sunday!

This Sunday, November 20th we will be bringing forward our donations to the
Love, Inc Personal Care Pantry as an offering during the service. 
They are in need of toothpaste, toothbrushes, travel size shampoo/conditioner, bandaids, antibiotic ointments,
tp, new socks, undergarments, etc.

Join Us For Our Consecration Celebration Luncheon


Sunday, November 20th after the Worship Service

It is our tradition to have a wonderful lunch together after worship-it’s free to all-to celebrate our commitment to God’s Kingdom. The goal is to have everyone turn in an Estimate of Giving Card. It doesn’t matter the amount you put on the card; that is between you and God. We simply want you to join the congregation in the discernment process and then turn in your confidential card. The financial secretary records the numbers and then sends anonymous statistics to the Director of Operations to initiate the annual budgeting process.
Together we will share stories of God’s faithfulness this year and enjoy a time of good food and fellowship.


Our Stories: Gwen Trussler

There’s a beautiful new voice in our midst. Gwen Trussler, along with her husband Tim and daughter Olivia, have been attending FPC since July 2015, and you may have heard Gwen singing from the chancel. She is a classically trained performer, and she sings with joy and confidence … now. But her path as a singer once led through dark testing.
Gwen grew up in a Christian family, knowing the love of God. Her musical talent was apparent early on. Others encouraged her to study music, and she earned a master’s degree in vocal performance. Singing felt natural and right. In young adulthood her life filled up with performance opportunities.
Then something changed. She didn’t know it at the time, but a medical condition had altered her voice. The singing that had been her joy and her identity was now nerve-wracking and impossibly difficult. She quit.
Yet God was calling her back to singing. Like the disciples who had fished all night and caught nothing, Gwen said, “Lord, I don’t see how that will work, but since You told me to …” She stepped out in faith and retrained. Working with the change in her voice, she gradually faced auditions again, learning to trust that disappointment was not the end and especially learning to trust God’s messages of hope. Gwen memorized Scripture verses about God’s love and the strength we have in Him. That is what enabled her to work through the discouragement and frustration.
“If we allow Him to move into those places that are dark, He will move in with His light,” Gwen says. As He does it, we are blessed, and so are others.
As we know, she is singing again and doing it beautifully. In the years since that dark time, Gwen has used her musical gifts in many venues: church, opera, musical theater. She also works as an MRI technician and gives of herself in the medical community. She and Tim enjoy spending time with their young daughter Olivia and with their grown daughter, Sydney, who lives in Portland. Here at FPC, Gwen participates in Sunday school, women’s Bible study and the church prayer team.
As she looks back over her journey, she says, “You learn to trust that God has your back. And He has a plan.”

Behind the Scenes: The Context Associated With the Week 7 Verses—Printed and Electronic Versions of the Book

Week 7, Day 1 (Oct. 24): Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16; 6:12

Verses 35-39 of Mark reveal Jesus’ communion with and dependence on God. At the time of this prayer, he was struggling with disappointment because people were being amazed by his miracles but not committing to him. The passage from Luke Chapter 5 closes the discussion of Jesus’ authority when he healed the leper. In this section of Chapter 6, Jesus is appointing the 12 apostles in preparation for his impending death and resurrection.

Week 7, Day 2 (Oct. 25): Romans 1:9-10; Colossians 1:3, 9; 2 Timothy 1:3

In the first reference, Paul is introducing himself to the churches in Rome, and these particular verses he lifts up the Romans, asking for God to increase their spiritual progress. In Colossians, he is thanking God specifically for their faith, hope and love, as had been reported by Epaphras. Finally, Paul is aging and knows that his death is approaching, so he expresses his gratitude to God for his past experiences.

Week 7, Day 3 (Oct. 26): James 5:17-18

Elijah was highly revered and is mentioned as an example several times in the New Testament. In fact, some people considered him to be different than regular humans, but James makes it clear this was not the case. The key to Elijah’s petitions was that he prayed earnestly within God’s will.

Week 7, Day 4 (Oct. 27): 2 Chronicles 20:6, 12

The Zondervan commentary summarizes this story by saying, “Piety brings its reward and in time of crisis the community must rest its faith in God in whom alone victory and deliverance are to be found.” The enemy army struck fear in Jehoshaphat’s heart, but he knew how to deal effectively with that fear. They sought help from God and trusted that he would provide for them.

Week 7, Day 5 (Oct. 28): Psalm 51:7-10

Although often attributed to David, this penitent Psalm actually may have been written by someone else who was using David’s experience as a model. Ultimately, knowing the original author is irrelevant because the message conveyed in the Psalm is what is most important and life-changing. Even the sins of David, an adulterer and murderer, need to be confessed; repentance is not optional if we seek mercy and forgiveness.

Thanksgiving Books are Here!

As we move closer to Thanksgiving, it’s time for our Thanksgiving themed books! The books will be available to check out this Sunday (November 13) and the Sunday after Thanksgiving (November 27). Unfortunately, due to the Consecration Sunday Lunch on November 20, the library will most likely be closed on that day. Please check our online catalog for a list of our Thanksgiving books. Simply search for the word “Thanksgiving” or click this link to go there directly.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends and giving thanks for the gifts that God has given us!

Special Request


We are in need of a baby changing table for South Chapel. If you have one available please contact the church office at 253-272-3286


Christmas Season Dates To Note


Sunday, December 4th at 6:00pm –

A Celebration of Carols: FPC Sing In The Season with Choir & Orchestra


Sunday, December 11th 10:30am – Children’s Program


Tuesday, December 13th – Deadline to order your Poinsettia Memorials


Sunday, December 18th 9:00am – Taproot Theater Play


Monday, December 19th 12:00pm – Annual Senior Luncheon


Saturday, December 24th 7:00pm – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service


Sunday, December 25th 10:30am – Christmas Morning Service


Poinsettia Memorials


Remember your loved ones this Christmas season by ordering a Poinsettia! Place your cash or check ($12.00 per plant) in one of the white envelopes in the pew pockets. Write how you would like your memorial to read. The bulletin insert page will begin with, “IN LOVING MEMORY’. Then fill in the name of your loved one(s) and your message and your name. Place it in the offering plate or mail it to the church office.

Deadline to get your memorials in will be TUESDAY, December 13th.

The list of memorials will be in the bulletin on Sunday, December 18th and then the Deacons will distribute the plants to our shut-in members.


Deacon Thanksgiving Boxes


Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry. 56 baskets will be packed this Friday night for delivery.

Please join the Deacons at 10am on Saturday November 19th to welcome those who will be coming here to receive baskets. We’ll be handing them out from Mike’s shop door and there will be coffee and donuts!