Whole Library Completely Catalogued!

All the books and materials in the FPC Library have been completely catalogued in our online catalog here! In total we have over 4,100 resources. This includes over 100 DVDs (which you can search specifically for here)!
We use tags in our online catalog to let people know where to find resources in the library and what subjects the resource is applicable to. Our DVDs have the tag DVD and our audiobooks and CDs have the tags Audio and CD. Our books and DVDs for children have the tag Children, while our books for youth have the tags Youth Fiction, Youth Biography, and Youth Non-Fiction. Our nonfiction books for adults have the tag Adult Non-Fiction and an additional number tag (like 649) that shows what number the book is catalogued under. Our fiction books for adults have the tag Adult Fiction. Our reference works and Bible commentaries have the tags Reference and Commentary respectively. Materials may also have additional tags that denote the subject of a book. Find a book in our online catalog that you want to read and stop by and Sunday and check it out!
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

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  1. […] You can take a look at all of our Apologetics resources in our online catalog here and stop by on Sunday to see them in person. When our books on Apologetics are not being displayed, they can be found in our Non-Fiction section under the number 239.   All of our other books and resources (all 4,100 of them!) have also been catalogued in our online catalog. You can read more about that here. […]