The Mill’s New Year Update

Happy New Year everyone!

We thought I (Nadia) would share with you all a little bit about what I’ve been up to this past quarter. 

In September my dear friend and big sister Cher Martin (Navigators support staff, Camp Lejeune) and myself started a lady’s study in our homes once a week for the gals who have been involved with the base chapel. We decided as a group we wanted to do something in-depth, so we committed to a study on ‘The Letter of James’ by Jen Wilkin. It was basically the equivalent of a 1-credit college course, so you can imagine the style of the study! The attitude of the study was, “Study hard now, glean later,” with a focus on comprehension of the text through context, understanding word definitions, and learning the writing style and themes. It was no doubt a demanding endeavor, with 30 homework questions and an audio sermon each week! Not everyone was able to participate at this pace over the course of the 11-week study.

That said, we nick-named Sarah, “Faithful Sarah,” by week 4 because we knew we could count on her to be there with us Thursday nights. We’ve been reminded that studying the Bible and seeking understanding will often require time that has to be created, and there are times we may need to sacrifice other things in order to love God with our minds in that way (Matt. 22:37). We loved answering the 5 W’s – Who wrote it, When, To WhomWhat style, What are the central themes – because it helped us to interpret the text in brighter light. James 3:1-12 talks about our words and it was a sobering reminder to us how powerful our words truly are. It began transforming our everyday lives by changing how Cher and I respond to conflict and how Sarah responded to an environment of gossip at her work. We (embarrassingly at times) began seeing word errors we were daily making that we were blind to. I think of Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. It has caused me to ask myself: “What am I creating by what I say? What am I not creating by the good I don’t say?”

On the home front, Hurricane Florence totaled our roof and we’ve had some leaking. Thankfully insurance has been worked out and we just had measurements taken for a shiny new metal one that should last the next 50-100 years (which in my opinion is totally worth it! I’m not sure why everyone out here has shingles if they are just going to get blown off again next year!?). From September-October, we were able to host our Marine friend, Jordan, who just returned from deployment while he awaited base housing to open up for he and his family. His wife, Veda, and two kids, Rose and Troy, ended up joining us as well the last week he was here. It was a great opportunity to “do life together” and encourage Veda (and be encouraged by Veda) in our motherhood.

November 12th we celebrated Caleb’s 3rd birthday; and in late November, we also welcomed the newest addition to our family: (then) 11-month old boxer Moana into our home- our family ‘watch dog’ and ‘designated cuddler’ while Zack is away for various ministry activities throughout the year. We really feel blessed to have found her, she is an absolute sweetheart and everything we as a family have prayed for as the first furry member of our family. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support, we love serving in this community and filled with joy to be able to partner with each of you for the sake of The Gospel!

Please join us in praying for~

  • For me (Nadia) as I’ve felt spurred on to increase my biblical literacy this year, beginning by reading through a book on good study habits.
  • Also, I (Nadia) have been asked to help again with the Base Chapel Music Ministry; for wisdom in liturgical conduction and balancing life at home. 
  • For us as we decide on a school for Gracie to attend to this upcoming school year for Kindergarten. 
  • For Zack, as he and Jon lead the ministry here at Lejeune, that they’d be attentive to God’s cultivation and abide in His Word completely.
  • Lastly, please pray also that we would be wise as stewards with everything God has given us; in particular, we have an opportunity to purchase an adjoining lot next to our own that would give us plenty of room to expand as our biological and Kingdom families grow.