Studying Your Bible

Ever wanted to learn more about studying your Bible? The FPC Library has resources that can help guide you as you work to grow through God’s Word. Stop by the library this Sunday (March 1) to see the wide variety of books that can help you study your Bible. 
The books we are displaying on Sunday have been recommended by Pastor Eric to help you go deeper into God’s Word. You can take a look at these books in our online catalog here. Additionally, we have two free pamphlets “7 Minutes With God: How to Plan a Quiet Time” and “Tyranny of the Urgent” that can help guide your time with God and studying the Bible.
Also, Pastor Eric is recommending several books for our new Vision 2020. You can watch a summary video of Vision 2020 here and take a look at the recommended books in our online catalog here.
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us by email here.