Fall Small Groups—Exodus

(Late September-Early December 2019)
Get connected and deepen your faith by joining a Fall Small Group! Groups meet in a variety of neighborhoods to study and apply the Bible, get to know each other, and grow in the grace of Jesus Christ.
Most of our small groups this fall are going to study Exodus—not the whole the book, just the passages covered in our Sunday sermons. Because we understand small groups can seem intimidating in the beginning, we’re excited to offer a modified small group option—a small group flight, if you will—in addition to our standard small groups.
To sign up for a group, submit our online form showing your group preference and availability, and we will do our best to find a group that meets your needs!

“Standard” Small Group

  • most meet every other week
  • most meet in homes
  • follow a study guide on the passage
  • pray for each other

Small Group “Flight”

  • meet a total of four times during the fall
  • most meet in a restaurant or coffee shop
  • discuss 2-3 questions about the passage
  • share prayer requests with each other (optionally)

Questions? Contact Michelle Martinez at mmartinez@fpctacoma.org or (253) 272-3286.