Reopening FAQs

1. When are we going to reopen?

We are not yet ready to reopen our physical facilities. We don’t have an exact date for reopening, but we are working towards reopening our doors so that we can regather as a physical body.

We miss each other. We miss the connection that physical proximity to each other brings. But while we have not been physically gathered, we have continued to support each other as a scattered but connected church. Our Live-Streaming of Sunday morning worship is going so well. We will continue to Live-Stream every Sunday morning at 10:30 am for the foreseeable future. A huge “THANK YOU” to our technical team and worship team for stepping up and making this possible.  

On May 27th, Governor Inslee issued guidance allowing faith-based gatherings to resume under stringent conditions. These conditions are resource intensive and regularly changing. We need PPE, posters, cleaning supplies, training and many other things to meet the safety needs of our congregation. We will re-gather in person with an abundance of caution, only when we can be sure reasonable measures are in place to guarantee safety. We must ask: not just is it permissible to meet, but is it smart?!

So we actively wait, PRAY, plan! We have convened a Reopening Team to study the problems presented by Covid-19, and develop a plan for reopening our facilities so that we can re-gather in person as a church body as soon as it is safe to do so. This plan will present a phasedapproach to re-opening our physical space, in line with Washington State directives, CDC guidelines, and Pierce County Health Department requirements. Our plan will allow us to wax and wane in case there is a resurgence of the disease. Rest assured; we are thinking creatively! We want to have maximum ministerial impact while maintaining your health.

When we do reopen our facilities, we will encourage high-risk individuals to stay at home and continue to worship with us from afar. We expect our members to make their own decisions, and we will support and respect their decision to stay physically separated.