First Presbyterian Church Prayer Ministry

The goal of the Prayer Ministry at First Presbyterian Church is a church filled with people who listen to God, who are growing in faith, love, and obedience, and who pray continually about everything with confidence that God is hearing their prayers and answering them. The Prayer Ministry organizes seminars on prayer, encourages people to pray, coordinates First Presbyterian Church participation in the National Day of Prayer, and has opened a prayer room in the South Chapel.
For more information, contact Prayer Ministry coordinator:
Sonja West

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Thoughts on Prayer

“These I will bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer…for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” —Isaiah 56:7
“Prayer is our side of the friendship we experience in our relationship with Almighty God.” —Earl Palmer
“What if God does not demand prayer as much as gives prayer?  What if God wants prayer in order to satisfy us?  What if prayer is a means of God nourishing, restoring, healing, converting us?  Suppose prayer is primarily allowing ourselves to be loved, addressed and claimed by God.  What if praying means opening ourselves to the gift of God’s own self and presence?  What if our part in prayer is primarily letting God be giver?  Suppose prayer is not a duty but the opportunity to experience healing and transforming love?” —Martin Smith

Prayer Updates


Digging into Context and Cross-References

Many times when we are considering verses from the Bible, we wonder how they might be influenced by the context that existed when they were written. Additionally, we know that there are many connections among the verses, and we may be curious to learn how they fit together. Bible commentaries can help us address these areas.
“A Bible commentary is a written, systematic series of explanations and interpretations of Scripture. Commentaries often analyze or expound on individual books of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Some commentary works provide analysis of the whole of Scripture.” Source:
Beginning on September 19, we will provide a few brief notes based on the Zondervan Bible Commentary (One Volume). That will give you an opportunity to read and digest the five devotions and their associated Bible verses. This commentary is available on the Bible Gateway website ( for subscribing members ($3.99 per month), and it has eight additional commentaries also available for your research. This is only one web-based source of commentary information, so we encourage you to find an approach that works best for your needs.
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Share Your Prayer Stories

As we participate in the 40-day prayer challenge by reading the book and investigating other resources, our understanding also can be enhanced by learning about the experiences of other FPC members and regular attenders. Each week we will be featuring short stories from one or two bloggers. Everyone is invited to sign up to provide a posting by contacting Sonja West at Volunteers will be contacted so that they can be scheduled for their comments to be posted during a specific week.
Bloggers are encouraged to consider the following questions when deciding what story to share:
  • Tell us a bit about your regular practice of prayer. Do you have a special place you use? Do you keep a list, pray spontaneously, or use some combination of both? What role does scripture or devotional literature provide in your prayer life?
  • Tell us about a season or an experience that has had a lasting influence on your understanding of prayer or prayer practice.
  • What is your favorite thing about prayer? What is the hardest thing about prayer for you?
  • Have you experienced an answer to prayer that really stands out for you?
  • If you were to give a new Christian some advice on prayer, what would you say?

New Sermon Series on Prayer Begins THIS Sunday

This Sunday Pastor Eric is beginning a 9-week series on prayer. Prayer is something we all know how to do, but we don’t all understand it very well. Many people feel that their prayer life could be improved if they just knew a little more about how prayer works or even some of the different kinds of prayers there are. This series will cover the five main types of prayer (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, petition, and intercession) as well as offering practical advice about how to improve your own prayer life. Come join us!
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Akou’ste: The Listening Hours Prayer Retreats

24 Hours Set Aside for Scripture Led Listening and Prayer

If you have been feeling pressed and alone, overwhelmed or just feel a longing to draw nearer to God, join us for a guided prayer retreat. Dates to choose from: Feb. 26-27, April 15-16, or May 20-21. Cost $75 each (includes materials, meals and lodging) Begins at 4 pm Friday and ends at 4 pm Saturday. Limit 20 People total (Men & Women). Download the registration form. You can also contact Lisa Miller at 253-329-8761 for details.

Join the Alpha Prayer Team!

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Interested in Alpha but can’t be there?  Pray during the Thursday Alpha meetings right in your own home or wherever you are.  If you can’t pray during the Alpha meeting, pray any time during the week. Sign up in Fellowship Hall at the Alpha table or email Betty McCartney and you will receive up to date information on what is happening and how you can be praying.

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