Online Good Friday Tenebrae Service

WATCH AT: (password will be taken off before 7:30 pm on Good Friday).
Join us THIS Friday for our online Good Friday service at 7:30 pm. The link to the service should be posted on the home page of our website, by late Friday afternoon, and we also hope to notify people on our email list of the link on Friday afternoon. This year’s Good Friday service will be a simplified “Tenebrae” service, and you can participate in it, not just watch it. Read on and learn how.  Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Tenebrae service is a deeply meaningful service that tells the story of Jesus’s suffering and death for our sins through a series of Bible readings. Like Christmas Eve, the Tenebrae  service is a service of candles. But there is an important difference: On Christmas Eve, we light candles to symbolize the light of Christ coming into the world. During a Tenebrae service, we extinguish a candle after each reading, symbolizing the way we humans tried to extinguish God’s light by killing Jesus. At the same time, the Tenebrae service gives us hope by highlighting the free gift of forgiveness that comes through Christ’s suffering on our behalf, and by preparing us to celebrate Christ’s triumphant resurrection on Easter Sunday.
If you can do so safely, we encourage you to participate in our online Tenebrae service by lighting seven candles, and then extinguishing one candle after each reading. You will also have the opportunity to sing during the short service. We aren’t able to duplicate everything in a traditional Good Friday service, but we hope you will find it helpful in focusing your heart on the meaning of Good Friday and Easter. The short service will include participation by several of our members plus a special Good Friday message from Pastor Eric. We hope that your entire family will participate!