Elder and Deacon Nominations

This is an invitation to become a very important part of nominating, calling, and electing church officers here at First Pres. This process goes back to the early church in the Book of Acts. In chapter 6 a need arose for church leaders “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.” The 12 Apostles did not choose these leaders. They “gathered all the brothers and sisters together” and asked them to choose. Keep in mind, at this time the church in Jerusalem was a megachurch (after Pentecost and before the persecution in chapter 8). Do you think they had a nominating committee to avoid chaos? I do.
This is an exciting time here at First Pres, so please ask God to give you wisdom and discernment in choosing people for leadership. You are invited to submit a nomination.  The more suggestions, the better! Those of us on the nominating committee take your suggestions very seriously because God speaks through you when it comes to this process!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call any of us on the nominating committee (our contact information is in Breeze); or ask us on a Sunday morning.
Steve Franzke, Chair of Nominating Committee
(253) 655-7882

Nominating Committee:

Steve Franzke, Chair
Anna Heath
Doug Linvog
Michelle Martinez
Jennifer Rich, Deacon representative
Steve Richards
Sonja West, Elder representative