First Presbyterian Church Missions

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age’.” Matthew 28:18-20
“…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8b
These words first spoken by our risen Lord to His disciples 2,000 years ago have echoed through the ages, calling those who love Jesus to then share Him with others. This ‘Go’ command begins at home with each one of us reaching out to our neighbors and beyond.
Currently, First Presbyterian Church supports missionaries serving in nine countries.  Some of these dedicated disciples have been a part of our church since their youth.  Others came to us as adults.  All of these missionaries and their families are a part of the First Presbyterian Church family.  They have heard Jesus’s call to go and make disciples in very specific ways, and to very specific places.  It is our privilege to help them honor God’s call on their lives, to provide support, through prayer and finances while they are away, and to give them a loving church home when they are here.
As a part of this effort, the First Presbyterian Church website will be posting the newsletters of missionaries we support on this page. We invite you to read about the exciting things God is doing, using the hands and feet of people we know. We also encourage you to read their prayer requests, and take time to pray for them. Feel free to send a note of encouragement to them as well! Below is a list of missionaries and groups that we currently support. Let’s partner with our missionary families as they share Jesus with others.

First Presbyterian Church Missionaries

Steve & Jennifer Baughman, Wycliffe Bible Translators
4801 West Royal Palm Road, Glendale, AZ 85302
Steve was instrumental in dubbing the Jesus Film into several languages. He now works in Scripture usage and leadership development in Europe, the U.S. and Asia for promoting the gospel around the world.   
Mark & Iris Barnes, Youth with a Mission
R. Francisco Mota Machado 565, Capao de Imbuia, 82800-230 Curitiba PR, Brazil
Stateside address: 342 Mulberry Village Lane, Ft. Mill, South Carolina 29715
Mark and Iris have spread the gospel in Brazil for more than 30 years.  Mark is energetic and is innovative in means of evangelism.  He uses theater and mime under circus tents, travels down Brazilian rivers to evangelize and plant churches.
Brendan & Erin Connally, Serving in Missions
Aptado 206, Abancay, Peru, South America
Brendan and Erin live in Abancay, Peru. They help plant churches in remote villages where people mainly speak Quechua. Because most of these people don’t read, Brendan teaches them how to share the Gospel orally with picture books. As a dentist, Erin and Brendan travel to remote villages providing much needed dental care.
Dorothy Forsberg, Serving in Missions
S.I.M., B.P. 15, Parakou, Republic of Benin, West Africa
For more than 30 years, Dorothy has been involved in the work of translating the Bible into the Yom language in Benin, Africa. She and her two colleagues continue with translating the Old Testament, having completed 20 books, 42% of the Old Testament.
Rob & Karen Mahon, Navigators
8412 Vina Del Sol Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122-4217
Karen works in friendship evangelism, mostly with Africans, on college campuses and in homes in the greater Denver, CO area.  She leads Bible studies, encourages students, and is part of the Nations Within mission.
Paul Lewis, Wycliffe Bible Translators
4321 Presto Circle, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
Paul is the editor of the Ethnologue, the two-volume book describing every people group in the world and every detail about them and their country.  He teaches linguistic courses and conducts seminars around the world, and is writing a book. 
Edwin & Evie Martinez, OC International
3861 Lovett Street, Bellingham, WA 98226
Edwin is the Director of Pastoral Ministries and a member of OC’s International Ministries Team. He is involved in evangelistic crusades, seminars on missions and leadership development training. Evie has ministered as a conference speaker and worship leader and travels in Latin America and the U.S. giving seminars on worship. They have been with OC for 40 years.
Sue & Mike Mills, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
3410 North Eiger Mt. Rd, Flagstaff, AZ  86004
Sue has been in the student ministry of campus evangelism and leadership training with IV since 1991, working for a time with her husband, Mike. Currently in Arizona, she is Associate Area Director for an area between the south and north borders of the U.S.
Zach & Nadia Mills, Navigators
709 Vernon Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540
Every Navigator’s passion is to help others know Christ and to make Him known. Through small-group Bible studies and life-on-life discipleship, Zach and Nadia come alongside people and teach them to be Christ’s followers as they study and apply the Word of God to chart their lives. Then they train them to pass what they have learned on to others. Through their Military ministry, they work alongside U.S. military staff and chaplains to help meet the spiritual needs of service personnel and their families. They serve those who serve our country.
Mary Peterson, Bible Club Ministries International
711 Tijuana Apt. 19, Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5102 Email:
Mary grew up at First Pres. Now in Colorado, Mary works with physically and mentally challenged adults and children. She shares the Lord and teaches Bible lessons with individuals, usually one on one, developing relationships and building friendships.
Barry & Jan Potter, Overseas Missionary Fellowship
9172 Weatherstone Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 Email:
Barry serves as OMF Personnel Director, working with missionary candidates, planning strategy and helping solve people problems. He also gives training to OMF members in many countries. They are based near the OMF headquarters in Colorado, where Jan stays busy managing an OMF guest home. They are 35-year missionaries with OMF.
Jack & Nancy Snyder, TEAM 
TEAM S/C Cocoam, B. P. Box 127, N’Djamena, Chad, Africa Email:
Jack and Nancy live and work in Koutou, Chad, Africa. Jack is in charge of the print shop, printing voluminous amounts of Christian literature – hymnals, Sunday school materials, calendars and evangelistic tracts. The literature is used in many parts of Africa.



Mission News

Sue Mill’s Update

Hello from the Baughman Family

Read the latest from the Baughman clan!

Snyder’s Scoop!

Snyder’s Scoop January 2017 Greetings Our Fantastic, Invaluable Partners! JESUS CHRIST LIVES ! – We celebrated His birth and shared and reflected on the reason He came; to be born, to identify with us; to pay our personal debt of sin giving his very life on the cross for us; rising from the dead conquering death and sin. There is no greater gift – so precious and priceless! 1600 trained evangelists went out Dec 26th thru the 30th to evangelize the larger area of Ndjamena –PTL 1,100 decisions were made some for rededications some for the first time receiving the ultimate gift! E.M. Bounds says: “How vast are the possibilities of prayer. How wide is its reach! It lays its hands on Almighty God and moves Him to do what he would not otherwise do if prayer was not offered. It brings things to pass which would never otherwise occur.” Thank you for being a part of moving God to do mighty things for his glory here in Chad. With meetings and annual conference a month after our return, we needed to settle quickly and get to several urgent jobs at the print shop including the agenda’s. PTL despite 10 days of health issues for Nancy on our arrival the Lord clearly enabled us to get done what we could not on our own at the house and in the print shop despite a huge “critter celebration”. Jack immediately started with the agenda’s and several other time crunch orders. – The saying “when the cat’s away the mice will play” came to mind as we tried to settle quickly. We discovered some “critter parties” in various areas of our house having chomped on multiple things and distributing remnants of each item all over and leaving lots of “droppings” to clean up – (pantry, office desk, sewing cabinet, bookshelf, bed side stand and Jack’s trumpet and trumpet case). This took 3 ½ days of emptying, cleaning and treating items and cracks in the floors and walls from mice, lizards, termites etc…. (Nancy had done an extreme detailed cleaning before we left so this was a surprise but not unusual for out here). It’s amazing what such tiny critter’s can do in such a short time. Jack’s trumpet case was a disaster and unsalvageable and the trumpet had speckles from termites all over it. Termite dirt was all through the trumpet as well. PTL after cleaning it, though the trumpet has a unique speckled termite “designer insignia” artwork with a story to tell, it plays!

PTL Conference was great, the teaching, sharing, prayer time and fun night were great. Travel up and back was without major incidents – a few of us with a flat tire and hassles at police checks making up rules for bribes and checking all our belongings and holding us for a time. (No we don’t do bribes we just sit around and wait for them to let us go.) Some co-workers on a trip down made an exciting discovery at a gas station 3 ½ – 4 hours into a 7-7 ½ hour trip south. They found an inside bathroom at this gas station that actually had a sit down toilet and was clean and virtually odor free and even had toilet paper and a sink! Needless to say this exciting discovery gives you an idea or two of what is available or not available! We were blessed to talk to our children and grandchildren on SKYPE around Christmas time and New Years and had great sharing time with other missionaries around a bonfire, roasting bread and marshmallows and sandwiches and left over Christmas snacks. The NEW YEAR, PRAY that we will finish our time well here in Chad. We have many areas to “fine tune” so to speak or to “tie together” – follow – up…… some are already coming together and it is exciting to see how the Lord is opening the door for this to happen so quickly with some. – More details in our next Snyder’s Scoop. There are things to get caught up in the print shop like the computerized accounting and now someone to replace Samuel in the print shop. We desperately need a new folder and this is a project we have going if any of you are interested…… As always, you are invaluable partners in the work here and we thank God for each financial and prayer partner and encourager. We know you “abide in the Lord and the Lord abides in you, and you petition for us and the work here and God does it”. (our paraphrase) E.M. Bounds reminds us that “Failure to pray entails losses far beyond the person who neglects it.” Let’s continue to be prayer warriors and teach our children and youth to pray! PRAISE THE LORD FOR: – internet at the P.S. and many other helps to facilitate easier processes in the print shop. – fellowship over a great bonfire both Christmas night and New Years Eve. – that Andreas is beginning to pick up more French even though they put him in a class above his knowledge. – that we have someone we are looking at to replace Samuel, appreciate prayer for clarity if this is truly the one the Lord has for us. PRAY FOR: – Andreas to continue to understand and advance well in his French studies and for his support needs. – Andreas as he visits churches and raises support and cares for details for coming out. – the right new folder best for the print shop – PTL some of the funds for this have already come in pray for the rest to come in. – follow–up on several of Nancy’s previous ministries and connecting people for these ministries. (some are already happening PTL) – wading through and understanding retirement info and things needing to be looked at and or done. – our physical health has been good for the most part but we are both under the weather at the moment. May God’s Grace and Peace be each of yours God’s Grace and Peace be each of yoursthroughout the year, throughout the year, Jack and Nancy Jack and Nancy

Update from the Mills

Greetings Y’all!

2016 has certainly been a bumpy year with our move, the Summer Olympics, and the Presidential election; but we are now settled in and serving Marines at Camp Lejeune. As this year comes to a close, Nadia and I wanted to share with you a few of the opportunities we’ve had while serving with The Navigator ministry here.


Before moving to the East Coast, our prayer was to fill a spot in the ministry that would otherwise be vacant.  Trusting God’s calling for us specifically, we can say with confidence that He has been fulfilling His promises to us over the past 9 months and we fully trust He will continue to do so!


When we arrived, we were encouraged to slow down and settle in, which gave Nadia and I a chance to acclimate to the weather (humidity!) and the everyday life of ministry as ‘Navigators’. We took this opportunity to set our roots deep and make new friendships with Marines and Sailors already involved with the ministry. We were especially blessed early on to have met a young Marine and his wife, Carson and Emily. Right away we connected with them on a friendship level and we have since been honored by their desire to deepen their own relationships with the Lord and even incorporate others into our weekly couple’s study as well. Carson and Emily introduced us to Jordan and Veda (pronounced ‘Vee-duh’), and weekly, the three of us couples, along with our two kids and Jordan and Veda’s daughter (Rose), share a meal and go through a study as couples, meant to build one another up and strengthen us as couples.  We are going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University DVD series. Carson works as an armorer (‘gun mechanic’) at one of the Marine Corp schools here at Lejeune and Emily is a childcare specialist and student; Jordan works as a communications specialist with one of the ground units at Lejeune and Veda is a full-time mother. Both couples desire to be used by God to advance God’s Kingdom as they labor with us to reach Marines and Sailors with the Gospel. Join us in asking God for wisdom as we equip and encourage Carson/Emily and Jordan/Veda as they are representing Jesus’ light in their units and families.  


Most every Sunday, Nadia has been rocking it with the base chapel worship team. I have been spending 3-4 days a week on and off base with various Marines helping to lead bible studies and meet individually with multiple Marines who are eager to grow in their own walks with Christ. Join us asking God that Barak (Bear-ick), Sean, Danté, Nathan, Andrés, and Randy will continue to grow in their faith as they, too, seek to reach their fellow Marines with the Gospel.  


Thank you all for blessing us with encouragement and support, we are eager to continue sharing with you the ways God is using us to transform the lives of Marines here at Camp Lejeune.


Merry Christmas,