Come Explore the Book of Exodus in 2019-20

This church year as a congregation we will be exploring the timeless truths of the Old Testament book of Exodus as Pastor Eric delves into the book with his new sermon series, “Coming Home: The Gospel in the Book of Exodus.”
Pastor Eric explains the theme of the series: “Tim Keller claims that the scriptures present the gospel as one story told in three different ways. One of those ways is the story of exile and return home and that way of telling the gospel story is first laid out in the Book of Exodus. The book of Exodus helps us better understand the gospel of Jesus Christ by showing us patterns of God’s faithfulness to His people that are later fully realized in the New Testament. This year as we study this book together, my hope is that we can experience the book of Exodus not as a dusty and outdated tribute to our past, but rather as a vital link to our living faith in Jesus.”
Come join us as we explore Exodus together! There will be special music during worship tied to the sermon series, small groups on Exodus, books and DVDs in the FPC library on Exodus, and enrichment activities throughout the year. Make Exodus part of your personal study, and see what God wants to teach us this year both individually and as a community.