FPC Missionary Christmas Card List 2018

As we get closer to the holiday season, we would love to see all of our congregation encouraging and praying for the missionary families we support here at FPC Tacoma. 


Steve & Jennifer Baughman, Wycliffe Bible Translators

4801 West Royal Palm Road, Glendale AZ 85302

Email: Steve_Baughman@sil.com

 Wycliffe Bible Translator, PO BOX 628200, Orlando, FL  32862


Mark & Iris Barnes, Youth with a Mission

342 Mulberry Village Lane, Ft. Mill, South Carolina 29715

Email:  stupidkool@gmail.com   341iris@gmail.com

YWAM, PO Box 60579, Colorado Springs, CO. 80960


Brendan & Erin Connally, Serving in Missions

Aptado 206, Abancay, Peru, South America

Email:  brendan.connally@sim.org


Dorothy Forsberg, Serving in Missions

SIM, B.P. 15, Parakou, Republic of Benin, West Africa

Email:  dorothy.forsberg@sim.org


Rob & Karen Mahon, Navigators

8412 Vina Del Sol Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87122-4217

Email:  kgoldfain@gmail.com


Paul Lewis, Wycliffe Bible Translators

4321 Presto Circle, Grand Prairie, TX  75052

Email:  paul_lewis@sil.org


Edwin & Evie Martinez, Overseas Crusades International

3861 Lovett Street, Bellingham, WA 98226

Email:  edwinmartinez73@aol.com    edwinmartinez@oci.org


Zack & Nadia Mills, Navigators

709 Vernon Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Email:  millsz1@spu.edu


Sue Mills, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

3410 North Eiger Mt. Rd, Flagstaff, AZ  86004

Email:  suemills@mac.com


Mary Peterson, Bible Club Ministries International

711 Tijuana Apt. 19, Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5102

Email:  marycwhm@icloud.com


Barry & Jan Potter, Overseas Missionary Fellowship

9172 Weatherstone Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Email:  barry.potter@omfmail.com    barryp@psmail.net

Overseas Missionary Fellowship,

10 West Dr. Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120


Jack & Nancy Snyder, TEAM

3534 East Indianapolis St., Fresno, CA 93726

Email:  jacknancysnyder@yahoo.com


Snyder Scoop

March 2018
From Jack and Nancy Snyder,
Greetings Dear Ones!
John 20:31 – “But these (words) are written (printed) that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.”  This has been part of our ministry for 30 years, printing the word of God so that the
people here in Chad can know Jesus Christ the giver of eternal life.  We’ve said our last good byes to the guys in the print shop and to Koutou station that has been “home” for thirty years.  There were a few tears shed and some laughter as we looked back over
the years together through pictures. How time flies!
     Nancy had one more opportunity to be part of a Sunday School training seminar. She was given the area of using animation and props to help teach the Sunday school lesson. She is teaching them how to make hand puppets using socks.  The church leadership where we attended had a surprise farewell/appreciation party for us. It was truly unexpected and an opportunity to give Glory to God for all the good things He has done!  Many of you are wondering where we are in our time line for returning stateside. We are in the Capital of Chad and fly out the 2nd of April at 2:00 AM to France for two weeks of debrief/re-entry with one of our member care couples for Chad – Paul and Missy Robelot. We leave France the 14th of April and arrive the 15th at our HQT’S in Carol Stream IL (Wheaton area) for a few days of further debrief and meetings with all the staff there.  Then off to Springfield, Ohio for a few days before arriving in Fresno, Ca. just before 10 PM on the 21st.
.We have our first doctor appointment the 23rd April and several scheduled through middle of May at least.  During this time we plan to visit several supporters in the CA area between appointments and then May-July travel to different states to see as many of you as we can.  We are with TEAM till August 1st which is our official retirement date from TEAM.
Please pray with us:
– For safety in travel to the States and on to Fresno
– For a healthy processing of what we have left behind in Chad and for a healthy re-entry back to the states
– For a very busy schedule visiting supporters along with doctor/dental appointments
– For time to settle and catch our breath
– For God’s leading for specific ministries He has for us in the near future.
– For time with our 9 grandkids – to have positive input into their lives
– For our health as we travel and for the Lord’s will in each step of our travels and visits.
We are very grateful to each one that has had a part in our ministry to the people of Chad through the printing of many
thousands and millions of pieces of Christian literature.
We desire to see as many of you this summer as possible as we travel to personally tell you “thank you” for showing us
God’s love and grace through your faithful prayers, finances and correspondence support.
May God’s Grace and Peace be yours in abundance,
Jack and Nancy Snyder
Our stateside address will be:
Jack and Nancy Snyder
3534 E. Indianapolis St.
Fresno, CA. 93726
No phone #’s yet

The Snyder Scoop

 Snyder Scoop
November 2017
Greetings Amazing Partners!
How grateful we are for each and every one of you, for your partnership in one way or another with us and the work here in Chad!
We’ve been listening to a series from Dr. Jeremiah on the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible.  The warnings for the 7 churches are very applicable today as they were when John wrote Revelations almost 2,000 years ago. It is very sobering for our churches world-wide today and should have us all praying much for our pastors and siblings world-wide in the faith and ourselves!
July medical trip to the capital: All results area back. PTL all were benign except the two moles on Jack’s face. PTL they got a good clear margin so no need for further surgery there. PTL Nancy’s leg continues to heal. No skin grafting needed and no clot evident. The only evidence of the infection is a huge discolored area continuing to lighten as the skin sheds. We’ve both had boils. PTL they are just healed thanks to the Weber’s medication.  They did find a problem with Hypothyroidism in Jack and put him on meds for that. We will go up a week before our annual conference, to redo lab work and see how his level is now that he is on meds. Kidney stones
are still his “friends” 2-3 times a year at least
.PTL rains have been good in most areas and harvest is happening now for several items. This reminds us of Thanksgiving in the USA and its history and we had our get-together for that out here on our station. God has blessed us in somany ways with all of you and also our co-workers with TEAM and our Chadian co-workers. We are so very grateful for each person in our lives and how God has used each one in different ways in our lives. The print shop has a lot of work right now for Christian school curriculum, Bible School curriculum, translations for starting the first Bible School in Kwong, Bible Correspondence lessons, other Bible translations for other languages and teaching material for several professors for Seminars and Bible Schools etc. and of course the Agenda’s that we do each year are being worked on as well. PTL for the privilege of working in so many languages and places and needs through printing. It excites us as to the variety and the content and how it affects people’s lives allover the nation of Chad though we don’t travel ourselves much. Nancy is training a worker for Andreas. PTL Azor has been learning quickly and is enjoying the variety of work and seeing its possibilities for the future. Nancy also has one last SS teachers training to teach June 1st-Nov 1st Azor.
PTL we received an email that Andreas will be arriving November 30th . Lord willing, this will give him the chance to meet most of TEAM missionaries.
Please pray for all the details and support needed before coming.  A Swedish family – the will be coming to work at Koutou, arriving in Chad the end of January Wilhelmsson’s and down to Koutou February, Lord willing. They will move into the house we are in right now.  Please pray for them as they finish up language school and return home to Sweden before arriving in Chad.  PTL for a Security training session from a Biblical standpoint here in the south that TEAM does for their missionaries. Some of this, those who have been around for a while, have learned from personal experiences or living in Africa as children but there were other areas to look at that had not been considered in the past by any of us.  Please pray for all traveling to Ndjamena for our annual conference, November   25th to December 2nd.  That the Lord will bless each session of the conference and give wisdom and unity in decisions etc…. Pray
also for safety for all during the conference as we go around for purchasing supplies etc. as there has been a step up in armed robberies etc. are anticipating the arrival of an addition to Mark and Janelle, Christian and Aurora Snyder their home – they know it is a girl and her name is– so we are praying for a full term Petra pregnancy and healthy delivery of this bundle of joy sometime mid- January. Christian – 5 and will be 6 January 4 2018 is in kindergarten. Aurora is in constant motion and chatters non-stop so we are
told – she will be 4 on the 31st of December. Little Petra is due mid- January. Mark has just started a different position with the company in Administration rather than patient care. He was picked for his integrity and work ethic. PTL for a testimony like that, may God be praised! Janelle continues at her same job with Swarovski.  Ed and Janna Vinson, Noah soon to be 17, Alyssa- 16in January 2018, Moses – 13, Sarah – 10 , Rachel -4 and Rebekah 3 They are all very active and love sports and arts and crafts.  Janna will be having surgery in November on her right elbow and hand – PTL Aunt Sandy will be there to help out with the family. She is a
gem and has amazing energy and is a tremendous help!  PTL we had the privilege of watching Sarah (4th Vinson child) in a track meet on SKYPE. We were able to watch the last meet before the finals where Sarah placed first with a school that they have not been able to beat before! We participated in this from the other end of the world on SKYPE!
We are very thankful for your part in helping us minister to the nationals here through the printed lessons and Christian materials produced in the print shop.
With grateful and thankful hearts,
Jack and Nancy

The Snyder Scoop

Greetings to all,
We are still in the capital and pray we will be able to leave tomorrow but it looks like it may not be until later depending on when the car is fixed and safe to travel down in. We had several things fixed and thought it was all ready to go but PTL Jack wanted to do one last check as the shifting was not great and in so doing found out that the clutch was not fixed properly and parts for a 26/27 yr. old vehicle are not easy to find out here.
This is another update for all of you as we asked you all to pray for our medical situations. PTL our medicals are done except stitches out on the lump taken off of Jack’s arm.  The rest of his things were cared for and healing. The pathology results will not be known for some time for Jack’s things as they just left Tuesday evening with some missionaries. We are trusting the Lord for a good report on all. Depending on the results there could be further procedures for Jack.
Jack is now on medications for hypothyroidism and we trust this will help in several ways.  PTL this will be checked in November rather than October as we have to come up for annual conference in Nov./Dec. and travel is very expensive and taxing.
Nancy’s pathology report came back and PTL it is benign. She ended up with infections and multi-headed boils appearing here and there while up here (some in areas painful to sit – which made me think of Job and I thanked the Lord that my situation is nothing in comparison)  so is again on antibiotics and has a few days of that left. PTL it is helping the boils to drain faster and they are mostly healed now which will make the trip more agreeable once the care is fixed,
Please pray for our trip back down as any driving around here needs prayer and this will be a long trip.
We would also appreciate prayer for the agenda’s (pocket calendar’s).  We mentioned this before and sense the spiritual battle with it and know it will work out but always needs to be bathed in much prayer as it is the most effective and widely used tract as well due to it’s set up with the calendar and get’s where no missionary can go and where there are no Believer’s.  Other work is piling up with deadlines and it will be exciting to see how the Lord works in our lives to accomplish this as our guys are on vacation for the month of August and Nancy starts training a person for 
“hotelerie” as it is called out here – cooking with an attractive presentation on the plate, cleaning, laundry, doing beds etc for Guest House and hotels etc….. We train our guys with the idea of a career for them when there are no missionaries around.  This fellow Azor, will b e trained for Andreas and possibly another Swedish family that may come next year.
Thank you ever so much for your prayers and you can see they are being answered-Praise God!
because of God’s Grace!
Jack and Nancy –
Koutou/Moundou/ Chad.

The Snyder Scoop

Greetings to you all,
Just wanted to give you the next update since Jack had his simple surgery this AM.
Well, the check for my leg has ended up being a blessing for other things as you can see.  Jack just had his surgery and is doing fine.  he is sleeping right now.  He will be in pain on his back and right side of his face where the surgeries were done.  When they shaved part of Jack’s beard for the surgery they found another mole needing removal right next to it so removed both.  So both of us have larger incisions than expected than when going in for our simple operations.  The doctor originally told us we needed to stay an extra 10 days and now is saying possibly 14 days and that we will need to come back up in October!  This sure was not in our plans but will have to be now as Jack has to have a bunch of lab tests done and have his thyroid count checked now that they put him on meds for hypothyroid. Many positive things are coming out of this time so we thank the Lord for his leading in coming up. It is highly probable that some of jack’s extra fatigue, “spells” that all seem to be from dehydration etc could be from hypothyroid.  We will see what the meds do and then see if he is at the right level of medications or not when we come up in October. Lord willing for a short visit.
Keep in mind we are detained up here during the time we do the preparations for the Agenda’s for the following year and we could use prayer for getting that all together and printed before we come back up in October so it can be collated while we are gone.  It is a big job to collate and get ready for us to bring up for conference the end of Nov. first part of Dec.  Our guys are on vacation the month of August but we usually like to work during this time as we can do things without interruption since the doors are closed to orders etc…..
September a lot of orders come in that people want for conference time for their ministries.  Actually quite a bit is coming in right now while we are up here with deadlines for start of Bible schools etc.  and mission hospitals………….
As you may recall, every year as we start preparations for and during the time of getting Agenda’s printed and out we have much spiritual warfare so we ask you to pray that God’s will be done in getting them dome and out accurately and well and on time for His glory and to reach the lost through them as well as being a practical tool that people ask for.
Well need to get to other emails as usual but wanted to continue to update you as we know you are faithful prayer warriors and we want you to know what God is doing through all of you!  Thank you so much!
with grateful hearts and love for all of you there,
Nancy and Jack
From Jack and Nancy Snyder
B.P. 127
N’Djamena Chad
J Cell #
N Cell #

The Snyder Scoop

FAMINE in Africa – also threatens parts of Chad!
News of the impending hunger catastrophe in the Horn of Africa is currently spreading throughout the media. This coverage never talks of Chad, but this country, which is one of the poorest and most barren countries in the world, has also been affected by this same drought, albeit not to the same extent as we see in the Horn. Our partner church in Chad, the EET (Eglise Evangélique du Tchad), having seen the encroaching food crisis in the hardest hit areas of the south, has launched a project to help the most vulnerable people in these areas.
The crisis has been building since late last year. Many people in southern Chad depend on subsistence farming to eat and on the sale of their crops to care for other family needs. These farmers also supply food for larger city centers, like the capital N’Djamena. The 2016 rainy season was erratic and insufficient, resulting in very poor harvests in the hardest hit areas. As a result for the 2017 farming season many of these people have no seeds to plant and their meager food stocks are depleting leaving some already surviving only by foraging for edible roots in the bush – with 5 months still to go before they might see the first fruits of the next harvest! The situation is looking desperate for these vulnerable people most of whom only have very limited, if any other, resources to buy food let alone seeds to plant a new crop for this year.
The EET has carried out an extensive survey throughout its church districts in the south in order to identify the people in their congregations who are the most affected by this problem. They have identified 2,400 vulnerable people in 16 of the hardest hit church districts who will benefit directly from the project. Only people who live exclusively from their agricultural products and have no other source of income were considered. The project is 3-pronged: 1) Food distribution and 2) Seed distribution to these 2,400 people; 3) Education for the church in general to help people manage their fields and crops more effectively.
 The total cost of the project is US$ 94,000 of which the church hopes to fund over US$12,000 from their own church members.
Would you be willing to pray with us about these huge needs and give towards this project, should the Lord lead your heart to do so?
Go to: On-Line Giving – Type “Famine” into the search line and choose “Famine Relief – Chad”
Make checks out to “TEAM” and earmarked – “Famine Relief – Chad” – mail to: In the USA – PO Box 1986 Grapevine, TX 76099-1986 In CANADA – #372-16 Midlake Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2X 2X7

Snyder’s Scoop!

Snyder’s Scoop January 2017 Greetings Our Fantastic, Invaluable Partners! JESUS CHRIST LIVES ! – We celebrated His birth and shared and reflected on the reason He came; to be born, to identify with us; to pay our personal debt of sin giving his very life on the cross for us; rising from the dead conquering death and sin. There is no greater gift – so precious and priceless! 1600 trained evangelists went out Dec 26th thru the 30th to evangelize the larger area of Ndjamena –PTL 1,100 decisions were made some for rededications some for the first time receiving the ultimate gift! E.M. Bounds says: “How vast are the possibilities of prayer. How wide is its reach! It lays its hands on Almighty God and moves Him to do what he would not otherwise do if prayer was not offered. It brings things to pass which would never otherwise occur.” Thank you for being a part of moving God to do mighty things for his glory here in Chad. With meetings and annual conference a month after our return, we needed to settle quickly and get to several urgent jobs at the print shop including the agenda’s. PTL despite 10 days of health issues for Nancy on our arrival the Lord clearly enabled us to get done what we could not on our own at the house and in the print shop despite a huge “critter celebration”. Jack immediately started with the agenda’s and several other time crunch orders. – The saying “when the cat’s away the mice will play” came to mind as we tried to settle quickly. We discovered some “critter parties” in various areas of our house having chomped on multiple things and distributing remnants of each item all over and leaving lots of “droppings” to clean up – (pantry, office desk, sewing cabinet, bookshelf, bed side stand and Jack’s trumpet and trumpet case). This took 3 ½ days of emptying, cleaning and treating items and cracks in the floors and walls from mice, lizards, termites etc…. (Nancy had done an extreme detailed cleaning before we left so this was a surprise but not unusual for out here). It’s amazing what such tiny critter’s can do in such a short time. Jack’s trumpet case was a disaster and unsalvageable and the trumpet had speckles from termites all over it. Termite dirt was all through the trumpet as well. PTL after cleaning it, though the trumpet has a unique speckled termite “designer insignia” artwork with a story to tell, it plays!

PTL Conference was great, the teaching, sharing, prayer time and fun night were great. Travel up and back was without major incidents – a few of us with a flat tire and hassles at police checks making up rules for bribes and checking all our belongings and holding us for a time. (No we don’t do bribes we just sit around and wait for them to let us go.) Some co-workers on a trip down made an exciting discovery at a gas station 3 ½ – 4 hours into a 7-7 ½ hour trip south. They found an inside bathroom at this gas station that actually had a sit down toilet and was clean and virtually odor free and even had toilet paper and a sink! Needless to say this exciting discovery gives you an idea or two of what is available or not available! We were blessed to talk to our children and grandchildren on SKYPE around Christmas time and New Years and had great sharing time with other missionaries around a bonfire, roasting bread and marshmallows and sandwiches and left over Christmas snacks. The NEW YEAR, PRAY that we will finish our time well here in Chad. We have many areas to “fine tune” so to speak or to “tie together” – follow – up…… some are already coming together and it is exciting to see how the Lord is opening the door for this to happen so quickly with some. – More details in our next Snyder’s Scoop. There are things to get caught up in the print shop like the computerized accounting and now someone to replace Samuel in the print shop. We desperately need a new folder and this is a project we have going if any of you are interested…… As always, you are invaluable partners in the work here and we thank God for each financial and prayer partner and encourager. We know you “abide in the Lord and the Lord abides in you, and you petition for us and the work here and God does it”. (our paraphrase) E.M. Bounds reminds us that “Failure to pray entails losses far beyond the person who neglects it.” Let’s continue to be prayer warriors and teach our children and youth to pray! PRAISE THE LORD FOR: – internet at the P.S. and many other helps to facilitate easier processes in the print shop. – fellowship over a great bonfire both Christmas night and New Years Eve. – that Andreas is beginning to pick up more French even though they put him in a class above his knowledge. – that we have someone we are looking at to replace Samuel, appreciate prayer for clarity if this is truly the one the Lord has for us. PRAY FOR: – Andreas to continue to understand and advance well in his French studies and for his support needs. – Andreas as he visits churches and raises support and cares for details for coming out. – the right new folder best for the print shop – PTL some of the funds for this have already come in pray for the rest to come in. – follow–up on several of Nancy’s previous ministries and connecting people for these ministries. (some are already happening PTL) – wading through and understanding retirement info and things needing to be looked at and or done. – our physical health has been good for the most part but we are both under the weather at the moment. May God’s Grace and Peace be each of yours God’s Grace and Peace be each of yoursthroughout the year, throughout the year, Jack and Nancy Jack and Nancy

News from the Snyders

 All the

appointments took us to October 19th due to the medical issues which required a medical extension. PTL there was a sudden flip in things in October for the better. Jack had a couple things but Nancy had surprise appointments that kept adding on. For those aware of the Thyroid issue and biopsy, it turned out benign and though producing polyps there is no need for treatment at this time. The cardiologist results turned out good and the reaction to BP meds cared for and now Nancy has the best BP in years!!

Jack is still producing kidney stones but so far things have not been too bad with that – PRAY that they continue to give mild pain or better yet for complete healing!The concerns with his liver count took a turn for the good after further testing was done PTL.
We arrived in Chad with all our baggage the 21st and will travel south to Koutou this coming Wednesday the 26th.
– Good health.
– Good family time.
– Great fellowship with family and friends.
– Provision with Vinson’s and Hutchison’s for housing needs while State side.
– Andreas Leiser is preparing to come and replace us – he is doing language rightnow.
– Safe travels and all our baggage arriving with us
Please PRAY for –
– Continued health and daily strength.
– Wisdom and discernment in turning things over to Andreas by early 2018.
– That Andreas will have the capacity to learn French well and raise the needed support to be out here mid to later 2017 so we can work together for a bit.
– To finish well and tie up all ends of ministry so as not to leave gaps.
– Learn and do what is needed for retirement.
– Clear guidance for our future in USA and jobs/ ministries He has for us stateside.
– Continued prayer for Chad and its financial problems.
– The Agenda’s ( pocket calendar/tract) we will be working on immediately.
– For the needed funds to purchase a very needed paper folder including transport.