FPC Missionary Christmas Card List 2018

As we get closer to the holiday season, we would love to see all of our congregation encouraging and praying for the missionary families we support here at FPC Tacoma. 


Steve & Jennifer Baughman, Wycliffe Bible Translators

4801 West Royal Palm Road, Glendale AZ 85302

Email: Steve_Baughman@sil.com

 Wycliffe Bible Translator, PO BOX 628200, Orlando, FL  32862


Mark & Iris Barnes, Youth with a Mission

342 Mulberry Village Lane, Ft. Mill, South Carolina 29715

Email:  stupidkool@gmail.com   341iris@gmail.com

YWAM, PO Box 60579, Colorado Springs, CO. 80960


Brendan & Erin Connally, Serving in Missions

Aptado 206, Abancay, Peru, South America

Email:  brendan.connally@sim.org


Dorothy Forsberg, Serving in Missions

SIM, B.P. 15, Parakou, Republic of Benin, West Africa

Email:  dorothy.forsberg@sim.org


Rob & Karen Mahon, Navigators

8412 Vina Del Sol Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM  87122-4217

Email:  kgoldfain@gmail.com


Paul Lewis, Wycliffe Bible Translators

4321 Presto Circle, Grand Prairie, TX  75052

Email:  paul_lewis@sil.org


Edwin & Evie Martinez, Overseas Crusades International

3861 Lovett Street, Bellingham, WA 98226

Email:  edwinmartinez73@aol.com    edwinmartinez@oci.org


Zack & Nadia Mills, Navigators

709 Vernon Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Email:  millsz1@spu.edu


Sue Mills, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

3410 North Eiger Mt. Rd, Flagstaff, AZ  86004

Email:  suemills@mac.com


Mary Peterson, Bible Club Ministries International

711 Tijuana Apt. 19, Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5102

Email:  marycwhm@icloud.com


Barry & Jan Potter, Overseas Missionary Fellowship

9172 Weatherstone Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Email:  barry.potter@omfmail.com    barryp@psmail.net

Overseas Missionary Fellowship,

10 West Dr. Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120


Jack & Nancy Snyder, TEAM

3534 East Indianapolis St., Fresno, CA 93726

Email:  jacknancysnyder@yahoo.com


Hello from Dorothy

Dear Church Family,


Greetings from Dorothy Forsberg in  Benin!


Several days ago I received your message to me via SIM USA Charlotte. They scanned the letter and emailed it to me. ‘Snail mail’ to here is too slow and ‘iffy’. So glad for the advances in technology that make such speed possible!


Thank you for sending the check that represents my ‘inheritance’ from the Askrens. They were good friends for so many years! And servants in  the church, too.


The boost to my support is much appreciated as my support is down somewhat just now.


I imagine Camp McCullough has been used a lot this summer. But I think fall activities are starting up already. Here we still are having ‘summer’ activities. I’m on vacation just now but in Djougou, children’s camp started yesterday. I learned today that there are 324 campers ages 5-14! My translation colleague, Abel, is camp director.


Some other news: Give thanks to God for the progress we have made in revising the Yom NT. When we disbanded in early August for vacations, we had started into Acts 21. That’s where we’ll take up again September 4.


We still need to work together on the glossary for the Yom Bible and the book introductions. Will that have to wait until we finish the NT revision? Pictures also need to be chosen and permission requested for using them. We also need to do some revision work on the OT books we did early on. We came to realize that reported speech in narrative text needs to be expressed in the indirect. E.g. ‘Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father but by Him.’


My heartfelt thanks to the church for your faithful financial and prayer support all these years. They are adding up! And then there was the support for my father, Malcolm Forsberg, starting in 1933. I certainly have a rich heritage there at FPC Tacoma!


Greetings to your colleagues there in the church office and of course to Pastor Eric. I trust the church is continuing to thrive.


In Christ,



Dorothy (Dodi) Forsberg


The Bible for the Yom People




Republic of BENIN


(+229) 64 42 91 49

/ 61 29 77 95

Update from Dorothy Forsberg


The Bible for the Yom people

May 2016

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Clackamas, Oregon, where I’m having some time with my cousin, Mark Miller and his wife Betty.

Home assignment for me this time is only 5 months, in order to have more time to visit churches. (Summer is not a good time for that.) I arrived on February 13, 2016, and am once again based in Wheaton, Illinois. The College Church Spring Missions Festival was February 25-28. The theme of ‘Stand Firm’ for us missionaries, along with relevant speakers and workshops was very helpful. It gave me ideas that will help me when it comes time to transition to retirement after the Yom Bible is printed, delivered and dedicated.

We are nearing the end of our project. We are now in touch with a group in Switzerland, MiDi Bible, which publishes Bibles for minority peoples. (The Yom people number about 500,000.) I have been corresponding with them to learn how much it will cost to publish. They have their donor base and will cover one half of the costs of page layout, printing and shipping to the port of Cotonou. I needed to learn what our responsibility would be so I could make the need known to my supporting churches.

On March 21 I flew to Charlotte for my debriefing at SIM USA. At the first session we introduced ourselves and I mentioned I would be sharing the need for funding with my supporting churches. Later that day a gentleman introduced himself saying that the SIM USA president had sent him. He explained to me that there had been a generous donor that had specified that her gift go to ‘where needed’. The president had consulted with him and together they decided to designate part of the gift to cover our part of the publishing costs! Praise God with us! God says, ‘Before you call, I will answer.’

We are still studying varying aspects to make all the decisions impacting the cost of publishing – size of the print, what kind of cover, illustrations, maps and so forth. Please pray with us that God will help us to make the best final decisions for each aspect to be decided. We want the Yom Bible to be readable but not too big to carry!

Meanwhile, for the last several months my Yom colleague, Issifou, has been dealing with nasal congestion that has been keeping him from sleeping properly and so he has been quite fatigued. A specialist has said it’s a kind of sinusitis and gave him some medicine to take. If after 3 months there is not marked improvement, he will need surgery. Pray for God’s touch so that he can keep up normally with all his responsibilities.

The last 42 chapters of the Old Testament will be checked May 23-27. The New Testament needs to be revised. Pray for these and other detailed checks we will be doing. [Stop Press!! The 42 chapters were completed on May 24! Praise God!]

I have had warm times of fellowship and sharing in four of my five supporting churches. My last church to visit is in Tacoma, Washington, May 26 to 29. The First Presbyterian Church sent my father to Ethiopia in 1933. They support me still! A wonderful heritage!

On May 30 I fly back to Wheaton to finish my shopping and packing and preparing for my July 18 departure back to Benin. I also look forward to some time in Wisconsin with more of my cousins.

Thank you so much for your continuing prayers and support. It is wonderful to have so much prayer support at this stage of our project.

May God encourage and guide each of us as we walk daily with Him.

Sincerely in Christ,


Latest Update from Dorothy Forsberg

Dear supporting church Friends,


I have just learned that 10 videos about various aspects of SIM’s work in Benin are available on Vimeo. Here’s the link:



You can see me talking in the video about Bible translation. The African man that speaks in French is our Bible translation consultant, Pastor Pierre Barassounon. My Yom colleagues are also in the video. The second part is about the Sola translation. That’s my German colleague Ulrike Heyder speaking – in English.


I tried to download at least the one about translation to share with you when I visit but they must have locked them. So I’m sending the link so you can see something of Benin. They are quite well done, by an Irishman.


I’m looking forward to visiting each of your churches, one this weekend in Flushing NY and the others on the West Coast in the weeks to come.


Thank you so much for standing with me over all these years for the translation of God’s Word into the Yom language. We’re nearly there. Two more years, three years max, should see it in the hands of Yom people in Benin.


May God richly bless you all,



Dorothy (Dodi) Forsberg


The Bible for the Yom People


on Home Assignment

from SIM Benin

September 2015 Update from Dorothy Forsberg

Parakou, 3 September 2015
As from BP 229, Djougou
Republic of BENIN

Dear supporting, praying Friends,

Here I am at the end of a 3 week break, listening to one more church service on CD. I go back to Djougou tomorrow so I can attend the wedding, on Saturday, of the son of some friends I’ve known since I arrived in Benin 38 years ago.

I praise God for allowing me to witness some exciting things lately!

The annual Troup Nehemiah camp and evangelistic campaign celebrated 30 years this year and the event was held on our Djougou campus in August. I came on my vacation after a couple days (I attended our SIM Benin Day of Prayer.) but God opened the way for me to go to Djougou with some friends on Saturday for the official celebration and come back that afternoon. I was moved when near the end of the service the 387 campers were challenged to commit themselves to carry on. Those who were committed should stand. Everyone in the church stood, including me, and sang the theme song that we are committed to continue building the ‘walls’ of the Yom church which 30 years ago was at a very low ebb. Some are wondering if it isn’t time to reach out to other people groups nearby. A couple of groups have been established to study the idea. They are meeting in November to share their findings and thoughts and perhaps establish a new direction. Pray for them.

Pray also that there might be some young people called by God to prepare in Bible school to shepherd new churches. The Yom Bible school was closed this year for lack of students! One student is in his year of practicum and will be returning next March for his last year. He’s quite adept at taking Scripture and making Yom-style songs. A local group sings with him when there is an occasion – like the TN celebration, August 15. Pray for A and his family.

One day recently I went to the Christian bookstore here in Parakou. A young lady was sitting on a stool chatting across the counter with the man replacing the lady who is usually the cashier. (She was on her official vacation.) When I approached I saw she had Yom facial markings indicating she is from a chief’s family. So I spoke to her in Yom. We had a bit of a conversation and using some of our literature for sale in the bookstore, I showed her the basics of reading Yom. (She has gone up to grade 13 in school.) A couple of days later I was visiting with a Christian Yom friend in the porch of her little shop when a group of ladies walked by. One was looking intently at me and then came over. It was M.! I introduced her to my friend and we had a good chat. She has heard quite a bit about the prophet ‘Issa’. The man at the bookstore is a friend of her husband’s. They’ve known each other for quite a while, even when they used to live in another town. M. exchanged telephone numbers with my friend J and with me. J is quite evangelistic. Pray that God will bring M. and her husband A., a high school teacher, to salvation in spite of their fear of their families’ reaction.

Now September 9, back in Djougou:
The morning we left for the wedding, we learned that the mother-in-law of my co-translator, A., passed away early that morning. So we had a funeral to attend on Sunday morning. There were great testimonies to her faithfulness to God in spite of long years of illness, with intervening highs and lows. Her prayer for her many children was that they maintain their unity and that they remain close to the Lord. A’s wife is her youngest child. Their oldest is nearly 20! You can imagine the size of the extended family!
The wedding on Saturday was great! The groom even took the mike and sang part of the song that 2 of his fellow choir members were singing in honor of him and his bride!

On Monday, more than 400 kids, ages 7-14, arrived for a week of camp. A. is camp director. He wasn’t well but is doing better. He has learned to delegate a number of tasks! The kids are studying the book of Ruth this year. I am pleased that a number of our church young people are involved in teaching and various other jobs. The teaching is done in French and then again in the afternoon for 4 different language groups, including French. Some of the teachers are taking time to make sure unchurched kids understand the teaching.

My other co-translator, I., is in his second, and last, week of teaching teachers to use the materials he has been helping to develop. The government is following up on research that shows that a child learns best in his own language. Several languages have been chosen, including Yom, to be used in the early years of these children’s education. I. is a great asset to this work due to the computer and Yom language skills he has been honing during his decades of Yom translation work.

I. and A. both need to take time for a rest so we’ll see when we are next all in the office together.

Today I started back into the office. I am starting to work through the draft of Ecclesiastes. It was done by Abraham a number of years ago, translating from the text in the Lokpa language. I found a Translators’ Handbook for Ecclesiastes. The first sentence says ‘There is perhaps no book in the Old Testament that has caused so many problems for interpreters as the book of Ecclesiastes.’ So please pray for me and my colleagues as we work through this book! Our translation needs to be accurate, clear and natural.

Our next checking session is the last week of October, right after our SIM Spiritual Life Conference. We’ll be finishing 2 Chronicles (from chapter 13) and starting Ecclesiastes.

Thank you so much for your continuing prayer and financial support for me and for our Yom Bible translation project. We’re nearing the end!

With love in Christ,

Dorothy (Dodi) Forsberg

The Bible for the Yom People

Djougou, BENIN