Worship is an integral part of our life at First Presbyterian Church Tacoma. The Bible teaches us to worship God (1 Chronicles 16:23-31, Psalm 100, Ephesians 5:18-20), and worship is a way we can connect ourselves more deeply to God with our heart, mind, and soul. At the request of Pastor Eric, First Presbyterian Church’s Worship Committee recently came up with a list of 26 hymns and praise songs that are particularly meaningful to our life as a community. We created this list from around 100 recommendations sent in by members of the congregation.
These are not all of the songs we sing at First Presbyterian Church. But they are special songs that are important to our congregation. For example, “The Days of Elijah” became an important song during a time of repentance and revival in our congregation several years ago (our year of “jubilee”). “Amazing Grace” expresses our belief that we are saved by grace alone (not works); it has been used at the conclusion of our communion services (with people holding hands) since we initiated a blended worship service that combines traditional and contemporary music. “God of This City” speaks of our heart “ForTacoma” and our desire to see the good news of Jesus spread throughout our city. And “Crown Him with Many Crowns” is a song we often sing around Easter that emphasizes how Christ died for us and how He “triumphed o’er the grave” to give us eternal life.
We invite those involved in First Presbyterian Church to learn these songs, reflect on them, and use them in their own personal times of worship throughout the week. To help you learn these songs, view the playlist later on this page, and check out the additional blog posts and play lists that will be posted in the future.

Songs in the First Presbyterian Church Canon

Official Playlist for the First Presbyterian Church Canon

First Presbyterian Church Canon Posts

FPC Canon: The Days of Elijah

Last Sunday during worship we sang “The Days of Elijah.” This song is on the list of the FPC Canon. It has a special meaning for FPC Tacoma, because it became a theme song for our “Year of Jubilee” a few years ago when our congregation was seeking God’s grace to heal from some hard things that had taken place in our midst. If you want to dig deeper, you can read the thoughts of the composer who wrote the song or you can explore the Biblical characters described in the song. And if you want to experience the song in a new way, watch the embedded playlist below to see it being joyfully sung by U.S. Marines, youth from Uganda, and liturgical dancers on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.

Introducing the FPC Canon

Earlier this year, Pastor Eric asked our Worship Committee to come up with an “FPC Canon”—a select list of  hymns and praise songs that are especially meaningful to the FPC community. After receiving more than 100 nominations from the congregation earlier this year, FPC’s Worship Committee came up with a list of 26 hymns and praise songs. Now you can explore the complete list on the new FPC Canon web page  We also encourage you to listen to these songs during the week and use them in your own worship. Then they will have an even deeper meaning when you sing them in worship at FPC. These aren’t the only songs we will be singing during worship, but they are songs that for various reasons have meaning for our particular community. You can also start exploring the songs by using the YouTube playlist below. And stay tuned for future blog posts about specific songs on the list.