“It is in the great auditorium, with its high vaulted ceiling, its massive lines, its rose windows of brilliantly stained glass, its candle chandeliers, its solid oak pews and wondrously carved altar furnishings, that the atmosphere of worship rises to its sublime heights. Here is a room upon which the master church architect, Ralph Adams Cram, who devoted his personal attention to every detail of the church, lavished the wealth of his art and knowledge to produce the ultimate in ecclesiastical effects.”—E. Snyder, Tacoma Sunday Ledger, Aug. 30, 1925.
First Presbyterian Church’s current building was designed in the Romanesque style by renowned Boston architect Ralph Adams Cram. Costing nearly $500,000 to build, it opened for worship in the fall of 1925 to great acclaim in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. The building was later featured in the January 5, 1927 issue of The American Architect. Use the links below to explore more about the building, including its rich use of Christian symbols.

The Architecture of First Presbyterian Church of Tacoma

An Impromptu Tour

The Church Tower

The Madonna Della Sedia