Books and Resources on Marriage

This Sunday (February 9), the FPC Library will be displaying books and resources on marriage, dating, and similar topics! We have books for people who are already married, people who are dating, people who are single, and everything in between.
We have books by Timothy Keller, Gary Smalley, Les and Leslie Parrott, Jim Smoke, Tim Evans, and many more. Our books on marriage can be found our online catalog here. All of our books are catalogued, but not all of them are tagged according to what subject they cover, so they may not all show up in the search. If you are looking for a specific book on marriage, try searching for that book and ask the librarian about it on Sunday. Stop by in person to see our whole collection!
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us by email here.