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Ash Wednesday Service on Feb. 14

Join us for a simple dinner at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 14, followed by our Ash Wednesday service at 7:00 pm, which launches the Lenten season as we look to the coming of Easter.

Books on Marriage!

This Sunday (February 4th), in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the FPC Library will be displaying books on marriage!
We have books by Timothy Keller, Gary Smalley, Les and Leslie Parrott, Jim Smoke, Tim Evans, and many more. Some of our newest books on marriage can be browsed in our online catalog here. However, there will be a much bigger selection out on the tables on Sunday, so make sure to stop by and take a look!
The FPC Library is open before and after the service on Sundays. If you have a question or comment, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email here.

Books by Members of the FPC Community!

This Sunday (January 28), the FPC Library will be displaying books and other resources written and edited by members of the FPC community! We are lucky to have people in our community who use their talents to serve God in this way.
These resources include books by Pastor Eric Jacobsen, Pastor Emeritus Martin Ives, John West, Sonja West, Carl Jon Munson, and Frid E. Nutley. Their genres range from fiction to biography to non-fiction. You can take a look at these various materials in our online catalog here. Make sure to stop by on Sunday and browse our whole selection in person.
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service. Get in touch with us by sending us an email here.

Pro-Life Resources in the Library!

This Sunday (January 21), we celebrate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. The FPC Library display tables will have books and other resources about abortion, euthanasia, and other similar topics.
You can take a look at some of our newest pro-life resources in our online catalog here. Also, these books can be found under the number 363 in our non-fiction section, if you would like to browse the shelves.
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service. If you have any questions, send us an email here.

Letter to FPC Community about Cor Deo School Plus Q & A on Sunday

FPC’s Session (Board of Elders) has sent a letter to the congregation via email about some exciting news regarding FPC’s Cor Deo elementary school. If you didn’t get the letter by email, you can download it here. In case you have questions, there is an informal drop-in time for Q and A before and after the service this Sunday (Jan. 14) in the church library in Fellowship Hall.

Women’s Retreat 2018 Registration Form

The Women’s Retreat is coming up on Feb. 2-3, 2018, and now can download the Women’s Retreat 2018 Registration Form.

Apologetics Resources!

This Sunday (January 14th), stop by the FPC Library in Fellowship Hall and take a look at our books and DVDs on Apologetics. If you’re unsure of how to defend your faith or have questions yourself, these materials can be a great resource.
You can look at some of our Apologetics books in our online catalog here. They are not all catalogued yet, so make sure to stop by in person to look at all of them. Our Apologetics books can be found normally under the number 239 in our Non-Fiction section.
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and is open before and after the service. If you have any questions, please send us an email here.

Important: Parking Lot Enforcement at FPC

Republic Parking is now checking and issuing tickets for all the parking spaces in our lot, except on Sunday mornings and during a handful of large events (like Christmas Eve). What this means is that those parking in our lot for church activities now typically need to have their parking validated or they will get a ticket that will cost them money. There are two validation stations set up in the church. One is located in the South Building near the side door from the courtyard. Another is located at the bottom of the stairs near the kitchen in the main building. Those parking in our lot for church activities during the week (i.e., choir and bells and youth group) will need to enter their license plate number in the validation station (so they need to remember their license plate number before going into the church!).
If any church member wrongly gets a parking ticket, they can get it voided IF they email Aaron Byers WITHIN 3 days. Otherwise they will have to pay.
Although this change may make things a bit more challenging, there is an important reason for it. As our neighborhood gets increasingly busy, more and more people are poaching our parking lot spaces for non-church activities, creating issues for church events. Having Republic parking enforce parking restrictions for those outside the church is necessary in order to make sure our parking lot remains available for church activities. Questions? Contact Aaron Byers, abyers@fpctacoma.org.

Join the FPC Choir


This is a great time of year to join choir! We rehearse from 7:00pm – 8:30pm on Wednesday nights in Ferguson Chapel. Join us as we prepare weekly anthems and Holy Week celebrations. The Chapel Choir is a close knit family who would love to embrace you as one of their own!


Feed the Youth Group


January 10th will be the first Wednesday night youth group ever! Same place, same people, different day! With our shift to Wednesday nights, we have many holes in our dinner schedule, and our youth still come hungry.  Please consider signing up to cook a Wednesday night meal for our middle and high school students. Do it by yourself or as a small group! This is a great opportunity to meet and minister to our youth. Contact Jennifer Jensen, 206-853-1992 with questions!


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