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#FORtacoma Street of Treats Event

October 31, 2018, from 4 pm to 6 pm the sanctuary will be open as part of the Stadium District “Street of Treats.” We will give out candy to the kids as they come into the building.  We will have a #FORtacoma booth set up out front with cards ready for prayer request and lots of Hot Chocolate and Apple Cider for adults and children. Please join us for this exciting event. 
This event will take place at the same time our FPC Preschool and Children’s Ministries are using Fellowship Hall and the Courtyard for a hot dog dinner, games and prizes for preschool and elementary school age children from our Pre-school, Cor Deo and church families. There are going to be amazing decorations and a costume parade at 5:00 pm.  
Please be praying for our neighborhood. Consider contacting the local people/businesses you are praying for and invite them to join us. Ask the Lord to make this event count for eternity. What a fantastic opportunity to be the open arms of Jesus.  

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Through November 11, please join together to bless 50 families in need this Thanksgiving season. The deacons are collecting non-perishable foods and monetary donations for this worthy annual project. For a complete list of items needed, go to the Church Library. Please note “Thanksgiving” on your check or use one of the yellow pew envelopes. If you know of a family in need, please contact Kathy Hawkins at khawkins@fpctacoma.org
Thank you for supporting this ministry!

Apologetics Resources

This Sunday (October 21), stop by the FPC Library and take a look at our collection of resources on Apologetics! If you’re unsure of how to defend your faith or have questions yourself, these materials can be a great resource.

You can take a look at all of our Apologetics resources in our online catalog here and stop by on Sunday to see them in person. When our books on Apologetics are not being displayed, they can be found in our Non-Fiction section under the number 239.
All of our other books and resources (all 4,100 of them!) have also been catalogued in our online catalog. You can read more about that here.

The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

Whole Library Completely Catalogued!

All the books and materials in the FPC Library have been completely catalogued in our online catalog here! In total we have over 4,100 resources. This includes over 100 DVDs (which you can search specifically for here)!
We use tags in our online catalog to let people know where to find resources in the library and what subjects the resource is applicable to. Our DVDs have the tag DVD and our audiobooks and CDs have the tags Audio and CD. Our books and DVDs for children have the tag Children, while our books for youth have the tags Youth Fiction, Youth Biography, and Youth Non-Fiction. Our nonfiction books for adults have the tag Adult Non-Fiction and an additional number tag (like 649) that shows what number the book is catalogued under. Our fiction books for adults have the tag Adult Fiction. Our reference works and Bible commentaries have the tags Reference and Commentary respectively. Materials may also have additional tags that denote the subject of a book. Find a book in our online catalog that you want to read and stop by and Sunday and check it out!
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

Your Opportunity to Support the Missions Trip to Guatemala

Hi!  We are Shannon & Grace Pressley, and Leah & Ella Browning—two mother and daughter teams that will be representing FPC church for a 10-day missions trip to Guatemala with FPC-supported missionary Edwin Martinez this Christmas Break.  We are currently in the process of raising support for this trip, and we would like to make our church family aware of the opportunities that you have to support us.

Greeting Card Fundraiser

We are currently selling “Cards for a Cause” through Usborne Books.  There are four different themed boxes of 30 different cards: Two different All Occasions boxes, a Kids Birthday box, and a box of mixed Thanks and blanks.  These boxes sell for $30 a box and 40% of that goes to the mission trip cost.  Below are links that show more details about the cards.  If you are interested in purchasing a box, please see us at the Guatemala table after church this Sunday.  We can accept cash or checks made out to FPC. Sunday, October 21st, will be the last Sunday we are selling them and accepting money. Check out this video to see the different boxes available, and this video to see some examples of cards from each box.

Christmas Gift Sale

For two Sundays sometime after Thanksgiving we plan to sell stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts that our families or friends have made.  These dates are to be determined soon.  Please plan to stop by our table after church and do some Christmas shopping!  100% of these proceeds will go to the trip.

If you would like to just make a donation to this mission trip please send a check to church made out to FPC with a note “Guatemala Trip” in the memo line.

Last but not least we need your prayers to make this a safe and successful experience.  If you are willing to pray for us before and during our trip we would love to know that.  Please email Shannon Pressley at thepressleys@gmail.com to get on an email list that will receive updates and prayer requests while we are in Guatemala as well. 

Word Study Tools

This Sunday (October 7), the FPC Library will be displaying our Bible word study tools. In his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Eric will show us how he uses word study tools while engaging with the Bible. After the service, you can stop by and pick up some tools to use for yourself!
You can find our word study tools listed in our online catalog here. We have wide range of resources including concordances, dictionaries, and interlinear Bibles. Of specific interest relating to our current sermon series on Philippians would be our Greek-English dictionaries and interlinear Bible. A great online word study resource is the Blue Letter Bible, which you can find here.
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

FPC Canon: The Days of Elijah

Last Sunday during worship we sang “The Days of Elijah.” This song is on the list of the FPC Canon. It has a special meaning for FPC Tacoma, because it became a theme song for our “Year of Jubilee” a few years ago when our congregation was seeking God’s grace to heal from some hard things that had taken place in our midst. If you want to dig deeper, you can read the thoughts of the composer who wrote the song or you can explore the Biblical characters described in the song. And if you want to experience the song in a new way, watch the embedded playlist below to see it being joyfully sung by U.S. Marines, youth from Uganda, and liturgical dancers on the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.

Self-Feeding Disciple Resources

This Sunday (September 30), the FPC Library will be displaying our books and resources for the Self-Feeding Disciple Initiative.

We have the two pamphlets “7 Minutes With God: How to Plan a Quiet Time” and “Tyranny of the Urgent” that were mentioned in the church service last week. You can pick up a copy of each for free!

We also have books recommended by Pastor Eric to help you go deeper into God’s Word. You can take a look at these books in our online catalog here or on the display table at the library on Sunday.

The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

Spiritual Gifts

This Sunday (September 23), the FPC Library will be displaying books on spiritual gifts. If you’ve ever wondered about what spiritual gifts are, what spiritual gifts you possess, or how to use your spiritual gifts, these books are for you!
Our books on spiritual gifts are can be found in our online catalog here. When they are not being displayed, our books on spiritual gifts can be found under the number 234.13 in our Non-Fiction section. Make sure to stop by on Sunday and see them in person!
The FPC Library is located in Fellowship Hall and is open before and after the service on Sunday mornings. You can contact us through email here.

Fall Sermon Series on Philippians

FPC Pastor Eric Jacobsen will begin a new sermon series on the New Testament book of Philippians on Sunday, September 23. Join us! And explore more about the book of Philippians using the resources below.

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