FPC Sanctuary AV Reservation Form

If you are planning to use the FPC Sanctuary outside of regular Sunday morning services, it is extremely important that adequate notice be provided to FPC’s AV Team. As a rule of thumb, the larger the event, the more notice is required. Generally speaking, reservations should be made at least 4 weeks in advance. Our AV Team is run by volunteers with limited resources and so not every request can be accommodated. However, adequate lead time makes it more likely your needs will be able to be met. Please use this form to submit the needs for your event.

Event Information

Please provide any additional information relevant to AV needs for the event.

Contact Information

Audio Needs

Additional information about how these microphones will be used (for a singer, for a speaker, etc.).

Visual Needs

Presentations need to be provided on a USB drive in MS PowerPoint format or via a DropBox or similar link for downloading. Presentations should be submitted for review and testing by no later than the day prior to the event. They should be sent to Chip Van Gilder at chipvg@comcast.net.

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