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Praying for REACH Family Labor Day Camp

Dear friends of REACH,

REACH Family Labor Day Camp begins next Thursday, August 30!

Will you join us in spirit and pray during the weekend?

You may pick the days and times you wish to pray.

Round-the-clock prayer times from Thursday, August 30 through Monday, September 3.

Will you pray for families during Labor Day Camp weekend?
Simple prayer at the time you choose, from wherever you happen to be. Sign up here, and you will get a prayer guide as well.
You may choose one or more one-hour slots, starting next Thursday, as everyone arrives, through Labor Day evening, as everyone travels home.
With over 80 time slots to choose from, imagine the power of people all over the country focusing their prayers on REACH Camp all throughout the weekend.

It’s easy to sign up.

Just click here.

Please tell others you know who might like to pray to check this website.

Thank You!

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08/19/2018 Sunday Bulletin

Jobs for Life Mentors

FPCT is pleased to be the host church for this year’s Jobs for Life program, offered through Bridges of Love NW, a Deacon-supported ministry. Bridges of Love is a partnership of churches, and this fall we will be joining with Resurrection Church and New Community Church to provide meals, childcare, and mentoring for students enrolled in this program. We are looking for mentors who are willing to invest three to four hours per week for 15 weeks and offer friendship, guidance, prayer support, and a sense of community. Share God’s great love while helping a student complete the course and overcome employment barriers. To learn more, please visit the Deacon table during coffee hour.

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