Adult Sunday School Classes, Winter 2016

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am for these adult education classes this winter:

And Now I See: A Theology of Transformation
Teacher: Annie Lockwood. Sundays @ 9:15 am from Jan 24-March 30. Meets in Gold Room, South Building.

Do you ever wonder why there isn’t a greater transformation in Christians because of their faith, or why your own heart doesn’t seem very liberated? As Christians, we know that we are new creations in Jesus. So we try to act differently, hoping this will make us more like Him. But changing our outward behavior doesn’t change our hearts. Only by God’s grace can we be transformed internally. As we tour this “Ascent to Truth” in this class led by Annie Lockwood, we will learn from many Christian spiritual masters, and most of all from Jesus himself, that a real change of heart is not only possible, but that when we draw near to God.

Foster Care and Adoption
Facilitators: Christoph & Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt. Sundays @ 9:15 am from Jan 24-Feb. 14. Meets in Gold Room, South Building.

Foster care and adoption are challenging and winsome ways to live out the gospel. Christ’s heart is for the vulnerable, and we who call ourselves by His name reflect His heart. Not everyone is in the season to adopt or care for another child in their home full-time, but we are called to participate in some way. What’s your role?

The New Normal: A Faithful and Hospitable Exploration of Sexuality, Marriage, and Gender
Teacher: Dr. Eric Jacobsen, FPC Senior Pastor. Sundays @ 9:15 am from Feb. 21-March 20. South Building.

What does the Bible actually say about sexuality, marriage, and gender identity? These issues will be increasingly important for us as we seek to be an ‘Inside Out’ church. This class will seek to explore these questions in a clear and compelling way while maintaining sensitivity to those for whom these issues are very personal and even painful. Each session will include a time of teaching by Pastor Jacobsen as well as an opportunity for participants to ask anonymous questions.